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Pre-Listing Inspection
A Pre-Listing inspection will help you identify any issues up front so you are not blindsided with additional negotiations after an accepted contract! The average cost of a Pre-Listing Inspection prior to an accepted contract is $125 (for homes up to 2200 sq ft), MUCH less than the typical cost to a seller AFTER the buyer’s inspection.

Fulfilling all your disclosure requirements up front eliminates unnecessary and costly mistakes! 
Don’t let future potential buyers renegotiate your purchase and sale contract because of inspection disclosures!

Pre-Listing inspections give you time to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors, they permit you to attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection reports, and remove over-inflated buyer-procured estimates from the negotiation table. There is no question that the cost of a Pre-Listing inspection prior to a purchase and sale contract is far less than the contract negotiations after the inspection! Get the best price for your house and keep it!

Some of the Advantages of Pre-Listing Inspections to the Seller:
  • If problems don’t exist or have been corrected, you can substantiate your asking price.
  • Buyer’s unfounded suspicions can be relieved, BEFORE they walk away or renegotiate.
  • Negotiations and 11th-hour renegotiation is eliminated or reduced.
  • The likelihood of your buyer walking away from the contract is reduced!
  • Provide buyers with full-disclosure before they get their inspection.
  • You can use your inspection report as a marketing tool.
  • YOU have the opportunity to decide what to do if problems do exist.
  • You can assist, ask questions and address concerns with the inspector during the inspection.
  • Any immediate safety issues can be addressed before anyone visits the home.
  • Buyers MAY waive their inspection contingencies!
  • Pre-Listing Inspections provide buyers an unbiased, third-party view of the home.

Let A1 Certified Home Inspection of South Florida, Inc. give you the Power of Calling the Shots! Why wait?

Pre-Listing Inspections. The faster way to sell your home. 
When 20 or more homes are for sale in one neighborhood, how else will you ensure that your home sells first?

Get the advantage, give your buyers peace of mind and yourself satisfaction.
 Schedule your Pre-Listing inspection and watch your traffic increase!

After your inspection has been conducted, you will be able to leave the 3 ring binder and report information out for potential buyers touring the home for sale. This report discloses to potential buyers the basic information of the home, any issues that are found remaining on the “as-is” list, any major defects they should budget for or you has chosen to fix or pay for at closing and better prepare them for making an offer. These reports also offer third-party, unbiased view of the home.

Pre-listing inspection reports will help you see your home through the eyes of a critical, third-party, thus making you more realistic about your asking price!

Some Advantages To Pre-Listing Inspections:
  • The reports can be used as marketing tools to sell the home.
  • Any suspicions of the buyer may be eliminated before they get cold feet.
  • Pre-Listing inspections eliminate the remorse of buyers which often leads to walking away from the contract.
  • Pre-Listing inspections may eliminate the headaches of 11th-hour renegotiation due to things found in the inspection.
  • Pre-Listing inspections relieve you from having to hurriedly procure repair estimates or schedule
  • repairs. You have ample time to get things together and as a result, estimates are less inflated.
  • Pre-Listing inspection houses may result in waived inspection contingencies.
  • Deals will be less likely to fall through the way they often do when buyer’s inspections unexpectedly reveal problems.
  • You are no longer at the mercy of buyer’s choices in inspectors.
  • You can schedule your own inspections at their convenience.
  • You can assist the inspectors during the inspection.
  • You have the opportunity to repair or replace issues found during the inspection.
  • Reports provide full-disclosure protection for you and your seller.

Did you Know...
Average cost after a Buyers inspection post-contract (Repair/replace negotiations) $3,000 – 8,000!!!!!
5-10% of contracts are cancelled because of home inspections!
50% of contract closings are delayed because of home inspections!
Almost 100% of contracts are being renegotiated today because of home inspections!