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Florida Licensed Home Inspection

Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. It's critical that you know what you're getting for your hard earned money. Let A-1 Certified Home Inspections take the stress out of buying your home. As NACHI-certified professional home inspectors, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a thorough and professional Home inspection. We at A-1 Certified Home Inspections encourage you to accompany your inspector, ask as many questions as you need to, learn about the home you wish to buy. We're here to help educate you on the condition of your investment, even after our inspection is complete. This will help you make a confident decision on your future purchase.
A1 Certified Home Inspection of South Florida, Inc. Services
At A1 Certified Home Inspection of South Florida, Inc., we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique personal home inspection needs, whether you are a buyer, seller or investor.  We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Wind Mitigation Inspection
($95.00 w/out Home Insp)
Our  licensed & Certified inspector will come to your property and look for key features of your home that show that it will be less likely to be harmed or catastrophically damaged during a hurricane or strong wind storm. Features such as concrete block construction, the presence of gable end bracing, a hip roof, the presence of a single or double roof straps, the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier, or shutter and opening protection will all qualify a home for wind mitigation certification. The state of Florida mandates that insurance companies reduce their rates for homes with certain wind mitigation features. So, with a wind mitigation certificate in hand, you are guaranteed to pay less money per month than a home owner who does not. 
4 Point Inspection
Determine if an older home is in good enough condition to be a good insurance risk. Our inspector examines the roof, electrical system, the plumbing system and the heating and air conditioning systems. The Four Point Insurance Inspection consist of a visual survey of the following components of a house: Roof and attic for visible leaks, roof covering, year installed, condition, water damage, skylights and ridge vents. Electrical panel, grounds, breakers, type of wiring and condition of mast if overhead electric panel is present, year installed, condition and if GFCI's are present and properly located by all areas that supply water. Interior and Exterior Air Conditioning Units, year, make, model, condition, visible corrosion, leaks and drain pan.
Roof Certification
This inspection is typically done on homes that are 25 years or older.The inspection will determine the age of the roof & if there are 3 or more years life remaining. What type of building material was used (Example: Shingles or Tiles) & the current condition of the roof. Also when was the roof last updated & if it was a full or partial replacement. The roof should have no visible signs of damage or leaks to be eligible for coverage. 
 The Roof Condition Certification form is different from the wind mitigation inspection form that is meant to lower your insurance rate. We strongly recommend that anyone having the roof inspection also have the wind mitigation if you haven't had one recently.